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Thursday, May 28, 2009

David Albert Stained Glass Studio Launches Online Store

Talented Stained Glass Art Studio Connects with Customers around the World

A rare treasure in the stained glass industry is no longer limited to serving Philadelphia.  David Albert Stained Glass Studio has provided an online store for customers around the world who want to dazzle their homes and businesses with beautiful, diverse, and colorful stained glass art.

Founded in 1982 by David Albert, David Albert Stained Glass Studio has served the Philadelphia metropolitan area by creating memorable stained glass arts and providing a wide slection of stained glass supplies, tools and chemicals. Philadelphia’s residents are awed at seeing their local businesses, hospitals, and churches having unique window décors. In addition to designing, the David Albert Stained Glass Studio preserves stained glass art through glazing and restoration, and our store is always fully stocked! Now, David Albert Stained Glass Studio’s experienced services and extensive inventory can be cherished by all through our online store.

Recently with the popularity of home decorating, stained glass is used to decorate windows. Through the David Albert Stained Glass studio, customers from across the globe can buy stained glass panels, lamps, mosaics, supplies and other materials to accent their homes and work areas. In addition, customers having or wanting knowledge in designing stained glass as a hobby can buy books, DVDs, patterns and all stained glass supplies in the David Albert Stained Glass Online Store.  Furthermore, customers can receive updates by subscribing to our mailing list. The David Albert Stained Glass website is located at, and our online store can be found at

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